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Ad Library

Ad Library – is a free tool for searching ads on Facebook, TikTok, Google, Youtube and more. An indispensable tool for an affiliate or Internet marketer.

The four known advertising libraries at the moment are:


adbook ad library
Adbook Ad Library

Adbook Library – is a free advertising library with a large selection of creatives for: gambling, nutra, adult, sweepstakes, crypto and many other verticals. There are no usual links here, as in spay services. This is the place to find and store creatives.

After registration for free, you will have access to 18+ creatives and the ability to upload your own. You can choose to store your creatives in the library publicly for community development, or privately with access only to you.

Facebook Ad Library

facebook ad library
Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library – is Facebook’s free ad library. Here you can find ads from competitors or learn more about the ads you see on social media. The search is performed only on the Meta platform: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network. You don’t need a Facebook account to view ads.

From the unpleasant: you can only search for those ads that have been active for at least 24 hours and are being unscrewed at the moment. In this advertising library you will not find: nutra, adult, dating, gambling and other gray verticals.

Search filters: country, keyword, category and fan page.

TikTok Ad Library

TikTok Ad Library
TikTok Ad Library

TikTok Ad Library – is an advertising library from TikTok. Appeared recently and allows you to view platform advertisements broken down by geo, type and other parameters. Not looking for everything, but you can find a lot of interesting things. If you look at the tabs nearby, you can find trending music and hashtags.

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